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After more than ten years we have lived in downtown Amsterdam, it was needed to change the way we think and thus our dream came true. On 9 December 2015 we, Gerrie Jansen and André van der Zwet, along with our three cats moved to a former Constable home built in 1920 in the Middenbeemster. After a conversion of more than four months, we were very pleased to say that we could finally start on June 6, 2016 with “UniqueLudique”. A few days later we give our first guests a warm welcome.

We feel at home at this beautiful spot in the center of Middenbeemster and we will do our best to ensure that you have a pleasant stay in UniqueLudique!


Explore Middenbeemster.

The Middenbeemster was founded in 1612 and is centrally located in the UNESCO world heritage “the Beemster Polder”. Next to the Market (former cattle market) is the imposing Keyser Church (1623). Due to the preserved 17th century structure the square has the status of state protective townscape. On and around the square only 100 meters from UniqueLudique are several restaurants with a great atmosphere (‘Alles met liefde’, ‘Brasa’, ‘T Beemster Spijshuis’, Eterij ‘T Middenpunt’ and ‘Sunrise’) From a cultural point of view, there are two museums in Middenbeemster: The agricultural museum Westerhem ‘, situated in an authentic farmhouse and a museum on the famous 18th century writer ‘Betje Wolff’. Middenbeemster also features a cosy theater “Onder de Linden’. Middenbeemster is on 20-30 minutes driving distance of many attractions (see ‘in the Area’). Purmerend, Alkmaar and Amsterdam can be reached by public transport.

Slightly different.

UniqueLudique is slightly different. We want to give our guests a lot of satisfaction in many ways and thus give a ‘Unique’ experience. We do all this on a frivolous (‘Ludique’) way. We believe in a warm personal approach, where you as a guest-centered and where we do our best to meet your personal needs.UniqueLudique is not only a good quality “Bed with a rich breakfast”, but slightly different. We believe that your stay may have an additional dimension. So you can experience a foot reflexology massage to relax from Gerrie. Andre like to cook and serving on request a tasty menu of your choice with fresh (organic / local). In addition, Andre also organizes whisky and wine tastings.We can also provide you with comprehensive information about all the possibilities of visiting art, culture, nature and recreation in the immediate vicinity.


There are 2 rooms available



€83 per night €73 one person use


€83 per night €73 for one person use


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